No More Bad Dogs

Tone of voice, hand gestures and body language say it all to dogs

Scott Argus and Talk Dog Hawaii techniques can change the behavior of bad dogs in one day, and then he gives you and your dog reinforcing homework.

Visitors to Scott Argus’ home in Kaimuki are promptly greeted by his four-member dog-squad. There’s Rufy, the big giant teddy bear; Chili, the pup of a Queensland healer and Catahoula McNab/border collie mix; Chico, an Australian blue healer, and little Lucky, a fox terrier and Chihuahua mix.

“This is a big dog house,” laughs Argus. “The dogs just let us live here.”

Naughty Dog? Call Talk Dog Hawaii

Talk Dog Hawaii (from left) Rufy, BlackJack, Osito, Sue Tsuruoka, Scott Argus, Chico and Taxi

Scott Argus, owner of Talk Dog Hawaii, says he can teach a dog to instinctively focus on the owner and follow cues as to what it should do and should not do.

“During the lessons, one of the most common questions I get is, ‘Will that work with my children (mother-in-law/husband/wife)?” says Argus with a deep, hearty laugh. “I tell them ‘I don’t know, I’m a dog trainer.’”

Stop Your Dog From Nuisance Barking

Stop Your Dog From Nuisance Barking

With more people complaining about barking dogs, Scott Argus of Talk Dog Hawaii has a solution. In short, dog owners have to be the pack leader

Barking dogs – it’s a problem no matter where you live. For me, it happens in the middle of the night. You can hear the echo of one dog’s bark, and before you know it there’s a chorus of barks through the neighborhood.

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