About Us

I fell in love with Hawaii when I was in the military. I got hooked and kept coming back on vacation as often as I could. I am very pleased to finally be able to move here with my new career with Talk Dog! Hawaii has so much to offer: the beaches and parks, great views and scenery, and the aloha of the people I meet, especially the dog people. Hawaii is a great place for dogs – people really love their dogs and want to take them wherever they go. The better behaved our dogs are, the more places they will be welcome. I’ve attended the Pet Expo and some Dog Walks and met many wonderful people and dogs, but I always worry about the dogs who aren’t there, the dogs who got left at home and can never be taken anywhere because they don’t behave well

I am dedicated to popularizing the well-behaved dog, trained and responding to responsible owners, who will be welcomed by landlords, neighbors, stores, parks and beaches. I have always had dogs – at least two at a time. I always worked them in classic obedience. "Come," "sit," "heel," "stay" are helpful skills, but the traditional obedience training never addressed some of the most frequent problems people have with their dogs, like how the dog behaves when the owner is not around: barking, separation anxiety, destructive chewing, and so on. Talk Dog has developed techniques which go far beyond the "old school" methods, and the result begin immediately! My dogs were always trained to behave on command. Now, they behave well at home and out in public, even without a specific command. They are wonderful to be with. My original pound rescue dogs, Chilli and Rufus, came with me from the San Francisco Bay Area to our new old home in Kaimuki. And now I also have Nani, from the Maui Humane society. They play “ball” with the mangoes, coconuts and avocados in the garden and are fascinated by the geckos. They have made great friends at the bark parks – as have I – and have adjusted well. At least one of them will go with me on each training visit, so my clients will be able to see a demonstration of each skill I am teaching.

About my background . . . After eight years in the Air Force, I was an R&D engineer, designing and improving biomedical electronics and tools. I have a patent on a cardiac artery clearing device and developed fluidic and robotic instruments for the Human Genome Project, sequencing our DNA at Stanford. I am lucky to have the best state to retire in and the best retirement job ever – helping other dog lovers get the dog they deserve out of the dog they love

No dog is too old, or too shy, or too scared, or too tough. I work with Pitbulls and Chihuahuas, Retrievers and Pomeranians, and Poi dogs, too. I solve problems of aggression, anxiety, biting, chewing, escaping, nipping, pulling on the leash, and barking. I am the rehabilitation trainer for the Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation. I take in and foster the dogs with extreme behavioral issues - none of our dogs are ever put down. I receive referrals from local veterinarians who know owners who have problems controlling their dogs – and from satisfied clients as well. I can give you a happy dog – and remember: Happy Dogs make Happy Families.