Lisa W., Honolulu, HI

Dogs were always part of my life while growing up, but they all lacked discipline. I have vowed to get a dog that is properly trained. That is when I came across Talk Dog Hawaii and Scott Argus. I cannot believe that I can actually speak in a language that my dog, Kailan can understand! Recently, for some odd reason Kailan has lost her potty training skills and began to potty everywhere in the house!! I have decided to call Scott and Scott provided prompt answers to my problem. Everything Scott has told me worked like a charm. I was so nervous that she will not be easy to train now that she is an adult, but I was wrong. I am so glad I have someone like Scott to guide me through my journey with my best friend, Kailan. Having a disciplined dog allows me to truly enjoy her as my companion. I cannot imagine a day without Kailan in my life nor a day without Scott Argus! Thank you Scott for being there for me all the time, cheering me on, and being a teacher to both of us.